O m k i Shiatsu Charts  © 2011 Veet Allan Shiatsu Charts   Buy via The Omki-Shop. Buy via Omki as a seller on Amazon UK. Please note this link takes you to Veet Allan’s listed books and charts page. Also available by demand via the following.     UK and Europe Acumedic London Amazon.co.uk  USA Amazon.com  This is the first set of Veet Allan’s Shiatsu charts to be published by Omki. Available presently in digital A2 format (59.4 x 42.0cm) on 200gsm semi gloss paper. These charts form an excellent full colour and highly detailed reference of the meridians,vessels and points, holes or residential tsubo of East Asian medicine. All charts are recommended for use with Veet’s books ‘Ocean of Streams’, ‘Flourishing Circle’ and ‘Clouds and Rain’ (forthcoming autumn 2011) respectively. These charts span a sketch and work/study period of 17 years, dating from 1992 to 2009. In fact, some of these in their rudimentary forms, used to hang on the walls of Veet’s practice in central Glasgow during the mid 90’s. Where, he would be inspired to work on them! Mianyang mai  Ancient Vessel System Information PDF The Flourishing Circle Acu-Moxa System Information PDF Ocean of Streams Zen Meridian System Information PDF Clouds and Rain Primordial-Source Vessels Information PDF Clouds and Rain Shiatsu chart Flourishing Circle Shiatsu chart Ocean of Streams Shiatsu chart Mianyang mai Shiatsu chart Japan Amazon.jp