O m k i Illustrations Project Previews     Illustration image  The collage above is composed of two studies of the Zen Shiatsu lung meridian (left 2007 and upper centre 2005) and one from my ‘clouds and rain’ project (right 2008) concerning the yin and yang qiao mai and the primordial-source vessels. Their common area of influence is the upper body and therefore resonance of tianqi or heavenly qi. Illustrations My work is inspired  from the study, practice and teaching of various natural aspects of Asian and Oriental culture since the late 1970’s. These include  meditative disciplines and various healing modalities such as the Zen Shiatsu method. However, during the mid 1990’s I gradually developed a particular interest in early Chinese medical and philosophical literature, including the pictorial elements of ancient Chinese characters or pictographs. These studies now inform most of my current projects. Digital prints of my illustrations will be made available for purchase in The Omki Shop. Meantime, check out the various project previews and commentaries available via the links in the right side of this page.     Ocean of Streams Collage_Zen lung and qiaomai Collage_Zen lung and qiaomai Collage_Zen lung and qiaomai Flourishing Circle Clouds and Rain; Tsubo Mianyang vessels Yijing  Medical Classics  © 2011 Veet Allan Residential Tsubo Cards