O m k i Medical Classics preview Medical Classics Unpublished content related to this project will be posted here © 2011 Veet Allan Image  Exuberance of Yang; One dreams of great fire and being burned (Jia Yi Jing AD282) This sketch is entitled “exuberance of yang” and was accomplished with a coloured and water pencil style. The lettering is done with gold and silver  pen. It forms part of an unfinished series on dream diagnosis I did way back in 1996. Dream diagnosis is a very interesting and less explored aspect of Chinese medicine. The locus classicus of dream diagnosis is found in Chapter 43, Vol 7 of the Ling Shu (100BC). A derivative of this work is found later in various chapters of the Zhong Zang Jing (AD198) and Chapter 8, Vol 4 of the Jia Yi Jing (AD282). This aspect of the classics provides us with a most vivid and insightful pathological imagery. Most useful in understanding a range of Chinese medical concepts in practice. Dream_exuberance_of_yang