O m k i Mianyang Vessels  Mianyang vessels Unpublished content related to this project will be posted here  © 2011 Veet Allan Mianyang figurine mai_vessels   One of my Mianyang mai tu or vessel charts designed for Shiatsu. It is based on the 28.1 cm high, black lacquered wooden figurine unearthed in China on 4th March, 1993, from the no.2 tomb at Yonxing in Mianyang, a district of Sichuan. The figurine is dated from the second century B.C and Western Han period, and as such is the oldest extant artifact theoretically mapping the mai or vessels of Chinese medicine. There are ten such mai depicted  as red lacquer lines on the figurine. The Mianyang figurine and it’s mai have been a strong influence on my work now since 1998.