O m k i Yijing  Yijing Unpublished content related to this project will be posted here © 2011 Veet Allan The Yi Jing is an ancient Chinese classical text on divination. The inspiration for this poster is taken from Yi Jing, hexagram #58 Dui. Named the “Joyous” the character shows a person sharing via their mouth. That is, verbally or physically sharing their intimations, feelings or thoughts. The hexagram is made up of a doubling of the trigram Dui. Commonly translated as Lake, Marsh or (according to I.K.Schutskii) Reservoir. For this poster I have attempted to convey the celebratory nature of a human being aligned to a central spiritual influence. In the background I have placed a Daoist loom indicating the alveoli of the Lungs exchanging Qi and representing the Chinese medical phase of metal. Additionally I sense a resonance here with what I term the primordial source vessels. Particularly the Yang wei mai, here mirroring and stabilising the expression of heaven. Yi Jing pictographs_Dui